"What's done in the dark will come into the light."

The "Smoking Gun"

Former Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson falsely claimed that state investigations of the alleged rape and torture of Pamela Smith produced " corroborating evidence at all." However, when confronted with irrefutable evidence to the contrary, Edmondson suggested Fox 23 speak with the Tulsa County District Attorney.  Tim Harris, the District Attorney at the time of Smith's rape, stuck to the state narrative that the state found no evidence corroborating Smith's complaint against a state employee.

Evidence provided for BeggingForJustice.Org not only corroborates Smith's rape and torture allegations but also implicates multiple Oklahoma agencies in a multitude of federal crimes including but not limited to obstruction of justice, perjury, conspiracy, and conspiracy against rights.

Exhibit 1 is a copy of a Tulsa District Attorney History File Inquiry referencing the rape by instrumentation of Pamela Smith.  The evidence from the DA's office identifies Liz Eagan, a now retired Tulsa Police Department special victims detective and Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper George Randolf assigned to investigate Smith rape complaint.  This evidence seems to indicate the glass salt shaker put up the victims vagina was shown to the victim by Trooper Randolf.

Exhibit 2 is a correspondence from Stephen Hoyer, Ph.D. who treated Ms. Smith throughout the period she was being sexually assaulted.  Dr. Hoyer's summary of Smith's treatment seems consistent with Exhibit 1 and further details Smiths emotional reaction to Trooper Randolf's investigation explaining the following:

"One very prominent example of this was when she was shown a salt shaker by one of the investigators in her case. This was a salt shaker with which she had been assaulted by a state employee, and the feelings that were aroused by this exposure were extremely distressing to her. This is exactly the type of occurrence that one would expect in a case of posttraumatic stress disorder."

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2